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MACHINA is a new integrated fitness and health centre located in the heart of Mile End — Montréal’s hub for creativity and innovation. Its mission is to provide top-tier facilities and services for a diverse clientele to reach for their fitness and health goals.


Art lover, the founder of Espace Mile End launched in 2018 the contest Exposez-vous to support local artists. They benefit an exhibition wall and a vernissage which is open to the public. These quarterly exhibitions allow its members to work in an inspiring and colorful environment.

Exhibition visits are by appointment only.

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Frédérique Ulman-Gagné

Opening August 28 2019 - 18h30 à 20h30

Espace Mile End présente les plus récents tableaux de l’artiste Frédérique Ulman-Gagné réalisés lors de sa résidence à NARS Foundation, à New York (2018). La série se présente comme un registre d’expérimentations liées à une routine quotidienne de déambulations, de prise de notes et de croquis dans la ville.




Opening May 29 2019 - 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Regarder et être vu / Looking and being seen

Her painting and drawing practice explores contemporary feminine experience through figuration and portraiture. From erotic magazines to celebrity photographs, to personal photos of friends and family, she uses a broad collection of reference images. She experiments with the notion of seduction as a transformative tool and the implication of the artist, subject, and viewer in acts of looking or being seen.



Opening March 6th at 6pm to 9pm

I need roots
In this exhibition, the painter Muriel Jaouich tries to honor the memory of the family members who survived and perished in the Armenian genocide in 1914. Through a series of paintings, she expresses the memory persistence differentiated and subject to the temporality that sees witnesses disappear. She is guided by the impact of the intergenerational trauma of her genealogy in her work. In attempting to emulate the vulnerability of the psyche and the body, Jaouich's works take on an ephemeral life, animated by an invisible psychological impulse.

Conférence S’unir et se rebeller

Simon Bertrand du mouvement international Extinction Rebellion. Samedi le 9 février de 19h à 20h30.

Gratuit à Espace Mile End.