Exhibition at Espace Mile End, coworking space
Nov 22 - Feb 25, 2019
Monday to Friday from 10h to 16h
Visits on weekends by appointment only
368 Fairmount, Montreal

Rojekê, One Day is a photo exhibit on the day-to-day lives of Kurd guerillas fighting for their people, mistreated for close to 40 years. These pictures were taken in the Qandil Mountains (the PKK headquarters) as well as in the towns of Makhmur and Kirkuk. The goal of these wartime images is to intercept loaded looks that exist for only an instant, to immortalize them by capturing their emotion. And then there is the question of providing these guerillas the opportunity to tell their stories by sharing with onlookers part of their daily lives punctuated by soldiers’ activities. Those spectators can thus gain personal access to revolutionary women fighting for a democratic ideal, a chance to take hold of them in a certain intimacy. Rojekê, One Day is an exhibition that tells the story of the war by way of femal fighters faces.

Filmmaker in residency at Espace Mile End.


Stéphane Moukarzel is a filmmaker and scriptwriter with a degree in communication from Concordia University and INIS. His favorite themes are the obsession with missing acts and the quest for identity in an alienated and individualistic society.

Several times awarded Black Friday (2017), Nous avions (2013), Coup sauvage (2010),) et named Gémeaux (Cultivé et bien élevé, Par-dessus le marché, Police et criminel).

As part of his writing residency, Stéphane will present the reading of his first feature film in progress: Les Sables mouvants.